Who's Involved

This year we are targeting October 19th – 25th, 2015, for Asexual Awareness Week. While we have a coordinated date, we understand that some communities and campuses won’t be able to adhere to that date. We encourage these folks to still hold an event at whatever time works best for their community, and to let us know about it so that we can add it to our events page!


Sara Beth Brooks

Executive Director
Sara Beth Brooks has a decade of political experience including candidate campaigns from local to federal offices as well as issue based campaigns in California. She has been honored several times, including the Harvey Milk Leadership Award and the Youth Trailblazer Award. In 2013 she was named one of Campus Pride’s top 10 LGBt student leaders in action. She founded Asexual Awareness Week in 2010 as a call to action for asexual people to educate their communities about asexuality. She has appeared in Marie Claire Magazine, the Huffington Post, and on the Alicia Menendez Show to discuss asexuality. When not organizing for AAW, Sara Beth is a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she is a varsity member of the debate team and is majoring in Communication Studies.

Krystian Jaramillo

Board Member
Krystian Jaramillo is a Huntsman student at the University of Pennsylvania studying entrepreneurial management, retail, and French international studies. Ze will be the President of PennBIS, Battling Imprisoned Sexualities, for the 2013-14 academic year. Ze is developing a business model to start a small fashion company that develops clothing without the gender labels. Ze is also a strong advocate for trans* people and is currently in the process of a gender neutralization.

Katherine A. Nivens

Board Member
Katherine A. Nivens is an LGBT ally, legislative consultant and mother. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Davis. She has been involved in political action since interning in Des Moines, IA, for President Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008. She has also been involved in many LGBT-related activities throughout California, including anti-Proposition 8 rallies in San Diego, Courage Campaign training in Oakland and Sacramento, and the 2009 Meet in the Middle 4 Equality march from Selma to Fresno. She is particularly interested in fundraising and activism for political change at the local, statewide and federal levels. She currently serves as the Chairperson of the Board.

Hannah Hussey

Board Member
Hannah Hussey is a graduate of Tufts University, where she received her B.A. in Sociology and in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and completed a capstone project examining the intersections of feminist and queer theory with asexuality studies. Originally from Maine, Hannah has been working as Coordinator for the Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth since 2012. She previously had experience working for a consulting agency specializing in nonprofits and spent several years as a freelance reporter.

Jarred Bowen

Jarred Bowen is a PC support specialist, Information Systems Analyst and all around computer geek from northern California. He has been tinkering with computers since he was old enough to walk. Jarred builds and maintains the code for Asexual Awareness Week as well as several other community organizations. When he is not resolving computer issues, he enjoys exploring the internet and playing video games.

Mia Caffero

Mia Caffero is an intern I would like to bering on board to asssist with the grunt work of updating website code. She is a high school student in the Sacramento area and is interested in robotics and programing.
More About Us


Asexual Awareness Week is an international campaign that seeks to educate about asexual, aromantic, demisexual, and grey-asexual experiences and to create materials that are accessible to our community and our allies around the world.

We primarily fulfill our mission through campus or community planned Asexual Awareness Week events that include at least one workshop, lecture, or presentation about asexuality. We also occasionally engage in advocacy regarding defamation of asexuals in media or pop culture and in outreach to the LGBT community.


  • Sexual attraction is a diverse spectrum and people can be attracted to a gender, multiple genders or no gender.
  • Romantic attraction is a diverse spectrum and people can be attracted to a gender, multiple genders or no gender.
  • Gender is a spectrum and people can be all different sorts of genders and/or be questioning their gender. Both gender identity and expression must be valued and respected.
  • Behavior does not necessarily mirror orientation. Asexual people still choose to engage in sexual activities for a variety of reasons and that does not make them any less asexual.
  • Privilege exists in many forms (race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, body shape, health, etc) and we strive to check various privileges at all available opportunities.
  • Education and awareness about asexuality helps people who don’t understand what’s going on with them to find a name and a community and helps allies to understand aces and ace issues. The next step must be in-person trainings, workshops, and events that spread the information further.